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Our center building is under construction! Formerly 418 Geele Avenue, we have changed the address through the city to reflect the entrance on the north side of the property. 415 Euclid Avenue will be our permanent home once construction is completed later in 2022.

The building currently has 11 classrooms that we will divide into 13 separate rooms including a health room to care for mildly ill children, several classrooms for school-age children and teens with special needs, and classrooms that can be used for toddlers, preschoolers, or infants. With this flexibility, we hope to meet the needs of the community as they are now and be able to be flexible as the need changes.

Inside is also a gymnasium that we will be dividing into a dining room and a gross motor room for active play. The kitchen will be upgraded to meet current commercial kitchen codes and we will be providing healthy meals and snacks for the children while they are in care. Office space, teacher prep areas, and a staff lounge will help us to be a quality employer to the educated and experienced staff we hope to attract to our center.

This will take financial support from the community. Visit our capital campaign page to find out how you can get involved.